I started to build my PT client base from Mid-April 2021, after lockdown. In order to gain clients, I put myself forward to take as many gym inductions as possible. This was with the intension of firstly, building connections with potential clients and secondly, a chance to offer a free 30-minute PT session. If the member went on to take the taster session, I would then sell the benefits of a personal training sessions. Whether or not the customer wanted to go ahead with paid sessions, I would set them up with the Advagym app.

Once I had the customer on the Advagym app, I had a fast and effective way of communicating with them. I would offer a free, generic program that I would set up myself via the app to keep them interacting. It works for all age groups, but I was also warried that some of my older clients didn’t like using their phones in the gym. In these cases, I would use the print option to give them a paper version of the program. A short introduction into how the phone interacts with the equipment is also helpful.

With a client base built up on Advagym, even if they hadn’t taken out paid sessions, it keeps the door open to get in contact and take sessions at a later date. For Clients who have taken out sessions, it is a great way to retain custom. The content on the app keeps them engaged and helps towards meeting their goals outside of the PT sessions. They can also keep track of their workouts and see their progression over time. One Client in particular, who has performance focused goals, can see how much she lifted on day 1 and how much she can lift now…great motivation tool!

From a trainer’s point of view, having hundreds of exercise related content at my fingertips, makes session and program planning so much more efficient and accessible.

All in all, it’s such a time saver and has helped me build up a number of clients over a short period of time. I plan to continue using it and can’t wait to see what the app does next as it seems to be continually growing.

Scott Woods, Aberdeen Sports Village, Scotland